Congo River

Venture into earth’s deepest river and come face to face with the world’s largest freshwater puffer fish as well as one of the smallest crocodiles in the world.


Mekong River

Come up close to two of the world’s largest freshwater fishes, the Mekong giant catfish and the giant freshwater stingray.


Mississippi River

Visit the legendary “great river” and the backbone of North America. Meet the pre-historic looking river monster, the alligator gar and the peculiar Mississippi paddlefish with its distinctive snout.

Giant Panda Forest

Giant Panda Forest

Meet the famous giant pandas, Kai Kai & Jia Jia, in their beautiful forest sanctuary where they can be seen playing and eating their favourite bamboo!

Wild Amazonia

Amazon River Quest

Hop onboard a boating expedition and meet the wildlife which live by the waters of the Amazon river. Keep your eye out for the stealthy jaguar when you sail into its cave.

Wild Amazonia

Squirrel Monkey Forest

Enter the lush rainforests of the Amazon where you’ll come up close to delightfully adorable squirrel monkeys as they roam freely within their forest home.

Wild Amazonia

Amazon Flooded Forest

Witness the wonders of the Amazon forest when it gets submerged in floodwater. The world’s largest freshwater aquarium is also home to the arapaima, the world’s largest scaled freshwater fish.


The River is Calling

Experience a whole new wildlife adventure with over 5,000 aquatic and land animals from the world’s most iconic river habitats at Asia's first and only river-themed wildlife park.


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